Best Apartment Management Software in Bangladesh

Are you looking for easy-to-use and reliable software to manage apartment rents? Amar Bebsha Limited offers all-in-one Apartment Management Software in Bangladesh specially designed for residential and commercial property managers to make.

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All-in-One Apartment Management Software

Amar Bebsha Limited offers cloud-based apartment management or rental software in Bangladesh with advanced features. Our software helps to automate and streamline routine tasks such as tracking and storing tenant information, collecting rent, and managing to accounts, and much more.

It reduces the need for manual data entry, handling paper checks, and calculating rent payments which often has the potential to lead to errors. It therefore saves time and minimize chance of loss from rent collection!

Best Rent Management Software

Our software allows the users to record and manage data, minimize loss of information and generate more accurate reports with less hassle. For instance, the admin can record detailed information about the tenants including name, contact details, rent per month, floor number, advance payment, and much more.  They can even upload images of the tenant.  All the information of each tenant is stored in one place and can be found easily when needed.

Similarly, it allows individual sections to record information of employee, owner, floor, maintenance, owner utility, etc. One of the great benefits of using the software you can track which tenant or house unit has outstanding rental payments.


Software with Multiple User Access and Reporting

The software has limited user control access and can be used by multiple users based on their roles. The super admin, admin, employee, owner, and tenant view and manage information and activities through their login. The super admin has the master access and can control the other users can see.

Our software offers an easy reporting module to help you make better decisions for the showroom. The reports include rental report, tenant report, visitors report, complaint report, fund status, bill report, and salary report. You can see reports for individual rental property based on your desired time frame.

Cloud Based Rental Property Management Software

Our apartment management software is a perfect solution for any landlord. You can customize and even add modules according to the requirement.

Our software has a centralized data management system. Whether you are managing rental from single room student housing, multiple room residential units, or even your commercial retail units, you can manage it all from one interface.

Our online-based apartment management software system enables users to access to a centralized database from anywhere using a PC or laptop. You can even access the software from your smartphone and view all necessary reports and information. 


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