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Amar Bebsha Limited offers best custom software development service in Bangladesh using cutting-edge technologies, and most efficient methodologies to deliver the high-level satisfactory services to our customers.

Amar Bebsha Customized Software is the Best for your Business Solution !

Custom software development is the designing of applications to address the needs of specific businesses. Many companies are preferring custom software over the off the shelf ones. This is because it turns out to be more efficient and more adjustable to the business needs and affect the business positively in the long run. We are aware that developing custom software is more than buying a product. It is an investment towards innovation that will be your business’ core competency.

Being one of the prominent software  company in Bangladesh, we have provided all kinds of small, medium, enterprise-level software for business from home and abroad. We are always the client’s first choice because of our reasonable cost, the highest quality of work, and great customer support.

We understand off the shelf or readymade software that is developed for in general-purpose is not always useful for the perfect solution. So, we spend a considerable amount of time focusing on our clients’ needs. With years of experience in working with clients across different sectors, our teams are well equipped to develop custom solution that fits your business and helps you to achieve your business goals. We also focus on developing the interface that is user-friendly and anyone can use it without any technical expertise.

We offer a wide range of software including Accounting and Inventory ERP, POS System, LPG ERP, HR & Payroll ERP, Garments ERP, and much more. It is affordable and highly secured. It has easy to use interface and any non-technical person can easily operate the system.

We can handle any challenges no matter the level of complexity. We provide timely responses to proposals, meet the project deadline, and fulfill client’s expectations. Get your offer now.

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