Best Cloud-based Hospital Management Software in Bangladesh

Amar Bebsha Limited offers best cloud based management software for small and medium-sized medical centers and hospitals in Bangladesh.

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Healthcare technology is developing very fast over the years. These days many healthcare institutions are increasingly investing in ERP systems to improve the accessibility and quality of patient care.

Amar Bebsha Limited offers high-quality Hospital Management System software in Bangladesh. Our ERP is the state-of-the-art solution that is specially designed to automate the business process and reduce manual paperwork.

All-in-One ERP Software System

From appointment booking to inventory management, billing, laboratory management, patient registration, our software helps to that manage the hospital’s operation easily. ERP systems help to manages the finance more conveniently through the proper records of patients’ payments, operating costs for supplies, and other costs. It reduces administrative cost and increase operational efficiency.

Our ERP helps in Patients Account Management. It stores patients’ details in the centralized database that is accessible by each department of the hospital anytime they need it. It reduces the risk of information getting lost as everything is stored in one place.


ERP software system

The ERP system has online reporting features that generates comprehensive reports that assess the hospital’s operational performance and ability to identify and focus on areas for improvements. It helps the management to make better decisions for the profitability of the hospital and improve customer service.

It supports integrating with several important modules like Sales, Human Resource, and Supply Chain Management to manage your business in a better way. We can also add new features and modules according to the client’s requirements.

ERP software system

Our hospital management system is an online-based software system and can be used from anywhere in the world from a PC or laptop via the internet. You can even access the software from your smartphone and see all the necessary data and reports. It is developed in a highly secured platform with no hacking risk. Get your offer now!


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Benefits of ERP software in healthcare

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