Best Electronics Showrooms ERP Software in Bangladesh

Amar Bebsha Limited offers the best electronic showroom ERP software in Bangladesh that will help to manage the store efficiently. 

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All-in-One ERP Software System

As days as passing by running an electronics showroom has become more challenging. Having an ERP software can act as a competitive edge and helps to run the showroom efficiently.

Amar Bebsha Limited offers all-in-one ERP software designed for small and medium-sized electronics showrooms and stores in Bangladesh. It has been designed to enhance the performance of their key business processes and make data-driven decisions.

Electronics Store Management Software

Our software helps to automate business processes and easily manage one or multiple showrooms. It is now easy and maintain accurate, real-time information. You can get information such as closing inventory level, customer outstanding payments, billing details, month-wise sales etc easily all at one place.

It reduces the manual paperwork which often has the potential to lead to errors. It increases efficiency and productivity by helping to manage billing, inventory management, and many more such daily operations.


Easy and Smart Solution

Our software allows retailers to check on their stock in real-time and help them make more informed inventory purchases. This leads to lower inventory costs and improves the profitability of the showroom.

One of the unique features of the ERP solution is that it records the item name or its attribute like color, size, design, model number etc. It even creates invoices and records payments made by cash or cheque. It supports integration with various modules of ERP like Sales, Accounts, Inventory, Human Resource and Payroll and Supply Chain Management. You can choose the one that you need for your business to run more efficiently.

Our ERP offers an easy reporting module to help you make better decisions for the showroom. You can see inventory and sales records year, month, and even day-wise. You can see financial statements like profit & loss statements, trial balance, and balance sheets etc to determine the performance of the business. You can also even get custom reports based on your requirement.

Our online-based software system enables users to access to a centralized database from anywhere you work and from a PC or laptop. You can even access the software from your smartphone and view all necessary reports. You don’t need to be a technologist to use our software. We offer round the clock customer support.


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Benefits of Electronics Showroom ERP software:

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