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Amar Bebsha Limited offers all-in-one footwear shop ERP software in Bangladesh designed for small and medium-sized footwear shops.

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All-in-One ERP Software System

The footwear industry is one of the competitive industries in Bangladesh. The challenges the companies face in this industry include fluctuations in demands, achieving customer satisfaction, following seasonal trends, lowering operating costs etc.

Amar Bebsha Limited offers cloud-based footwear shop ERP software in Bangladesh that will help to manage the store efficiently. Our ERP software solutions are there to help you to make the critical business process more streamlined and effective in your distribution or retail business,. Our software is developed to make your footwear business operation more efficient, easier to manage, and profitable.

Automate the Business Management Process

Our ERP software helps to streamline and automate the business process at multiple locations using a centralized database. It, therefore, stores all business data in one single system that can be utilized by all departments simultaneously. Information like inventory level, monthly sales of a particular product or brand, inventory turnover rate, etc. easily in real-time, anywhere, and anytime. That visibility helps to improve operational efficiency and profitability. It reduces manual paperwork and eliminates data duplication, calculation errors, and increasing productivity throughout the company.

It supports integration with various modules of ERP such as sales, accounts, purchase, human resource, and supply chain management to manage your business in a better way.


Software with Auto Generated Reports

We have designed our software with the end-user in mind and understand the uniqueness and challenges of the footwear retail industry. We provide fully integrated, centralized systems to manage the full end-to-end process.

It has a comprehensive reporting module that generates more than 35 detailed reports in one click. You can even get daily reports along with monthly and yearly ones. There is inventory report, sales report, profit & loss statement, and balance sheet, etc

Through our reports, you can also identify top-selling items, current buying trends, the highest number of items sold by locations and personnel. It also helps to determine which areas of your business are successful and which areas may need improvements. This information helps the management to make informed decisions and improve the performance of the business.

Cloud-based Footwear Shop Management Software

Our software runs on a cloud platform so that users can access it anywhere from a PC or laptop using the internet. You can get real-time information now even from smartphone. Additionally, it has user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use and understand.


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Why should you implement ERP for your footwear shop?

It is designed to make your footwear trading operation more efficient, profitable, and easier to manage. We offer to customize our software based on your business process. Get Your Offer Now! Contact us now for more information about our products.

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