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Amar Bebsha Limited offers the best ERP software designed for small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses in Bangladesh.

Manufacturing business

The success of a manufacturing business

Are you looking to streamline automate the manual processes in your manufacturing company and increase your ROI? The dynamic and ever-changing nature of these businesses needs fast and accurate tracking and complete monitoring of each operation. The absence of any of it can result in downtime in production, resource wastage, calculation mistakes, and cause major losses. With the implementation of the ERP system, you can have greater visibility of each of the departments of your whole business and able to manage the business process efficiently.

All-in-One ERP Software System

Amar Bebsha Limited is one of the prominent software development companies offering cloud-based ERP software in Bangladesh designed for small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses at an affordable price. It helps to streamlines and automates the core business and manufacturing processes. It manages everything from order management, manufacturing, warehouse management, and accounting all in a single system. You do not need to use any other software for managing your business.

We provide our software for various types of industries including garments accessories, textile, paper cup, animal health food and much more.


Our software has amazing features that can manage, track, and integrate the manufacturing process, from inventory management to sales invoices and even delivery of the order. It is therefore a complete solution to make your business more productive, and competitive.

Our ERP software has a centralized cloud-based database that collects information, store it, and, most importantly can be assessed it anytime and anywhere. It has even a limited user access control feature. The management can allow certain employees to view and manage recorded data related to the products, inventory and do other tasks without compromising the company’s data security.

ERP software system

Our fully integrated ERP reporting module generates comprehensive reports in one click. It saves time and helps to gather and analyze the required information in an organized format. You can report inventory, sales, purchases, expenses, profit & loss, etc. The real-time data and reports also help the management to make better decisions and improve the performance of the business.

We understand that manufacturing businesses need ERP with industry-specific features and capabilities. We have designed our ERP based on industries specifications in order to address their unique business needs. Many corporations and manufacturing companies require different or complex solutions to run their business efficiently. We can customize the ERP software based on those complexity and individual business requirements.


Our Features:

Let’s look that the following benefits manufacturing ERP can provide for your business:

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