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Amar Bebsha Limited offers the best ERP software designed for small to medium sized medical medical centers and hospitals.

All-in-One ERP Software System

Amar Bebsha Limited offers cloud-based all -in-one ERP software in Bangladesh for medical device and hospital equipment traders and distributors. It helps to automate your distribution process of Medical equipment like surgical instruments, diagnostics equipment, Therapeutic Equipment, Life support equipment etc. With a straightforward and cost-effective approach, we have developed an ERP software solution that meets the unique requirements of the medical instrument and equipment trading industry. It helps you do all tasks easily like tracking orders, managing inventory levels, and accounts, and much more!

ERP Software System with Integrated Modules

Our medical device ERP software reduces manual paperwork and increases efficiency. Our software offers various modules that help to manage the core business functions in a unified manner. Our modules include sales, purchase, accounts, inventory human resources, and supply chain.  You can choose the modules according to your need.

Our software helps to track the orders that usually comes from various parts of the country for various clients and helps them to follow up for outstanding payments. ERP makes this task simpler and easier.


You can access the entire database and get all the inventory, sales, purchase, and accounts information in a single place. Information includes customer outstanding payments, billing details, monthly sales, etc. It also stores vital product information like brand, barcode number or serial number, warranty information, etc. 

Our inventory module helps to control and manage multiple warehouses across various locations. It helps the traders and distributors to know the number of items currently in the inventory and forecast demand based on past data. Therefore your business does not face out of stock situation.

Comprehensive Reporting

It has a comprehensive reporting module that gathers information from different business departments and that generates reports necessary in determining the company´s overall performance.  The reports include sales reports, profit & loss statements, trial balances, and balance sheets, etc. The real-time data and reports also help the management to make better decisions.

Our ERP software has easy to use interface and can be accessed it anywhere from a PC or laptop using the internet anytime and anywhere. You can even access it from your smartphone and view all the necessary reports. We offer round-the-clock customer support.


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