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Amar Bebsha Limited offers the best paints, dyes, coating and chemicals ERP software designed for small and medium-sized trading businesses in Bangladesh.

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All-in-One Chemicals ERP Software System

Companies in the chemicals industry like dye, paints, and coating companies face numerous challenges like an increase in raw material price, complex environmental regulations, and a rise in competition level.  More and more chemical companies in the industries are realizing the benefits of an ERP and implementing it for growth and better scalability.

Amar Bebsha Limited offers cloud-based ERP in Bangladesh for paint, dye, coating and many other chemical distributors and dealers. Our software helps the business to manage and simplify all business operations. It is designed to reduce manual paperwork and increases operational efficiency.

Paints & Dyes Trading Management Software

Our ERP solution supports various modules of ERP including manufacturing, accounts, sales, purchasing, supply chain, and human run the business more effectively.

The software has a cloud-based central database that stores and manages all the necessary business data in a single place. All the information can be accessed at one place anytime and anywhere. You can even manage multiple warehouses or showrooms because of our centralized system. It record data and tracks activities including receiving an order, outstanding debts, inventory management, number of sales per month, and much more.  You can even manage multiple warehouses easily due to our centralized system.


Control inventory & Cut Costs

Inventory is an important factor in every industry as well as the chemical industry. Our inventory module helps you can easily manage and track the inventory level, and order management of your business.  It, therefore, reduces out-of-stock situations and hence improves profitability for the business.

Our accounts module helps you to automate financial and accounting activities such as sales invoices, purchase invoices, and payment entries. It delivering valuable insights and helps business management to manage organizational expenses efficiently.

Cloud-based Software Solutions for Chemical Industry

Our software generates 35+ reports to determine how well the company is performing. The reports can be in daily, monthly or yearly format. You can also even prepare custom reports. The reports include inventory report, sales report, purchase report, profit & loss, balance sheet etc.  The real-time data and reports help the management to make better strategic business decisions.

Our ERP software has a user-friendly interface and customizable dashboard. Our online-based software can be accessed anywhere from a PC or laptop using the internet. You can even access it from your smartphone and view all the necessary reports. Our support team is always available to help you if you face any problem with your software.


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Our ERP software is the one-stop solution to all distribution, manufacturing and compliance needs of the chemical industry. We listen to your business process and requirement and develop custom ERP. Get Your Offer Now! Contact us now to know more about how we can help you.

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