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Amar Bebsha Limited offers the best Pharmacy Management Software designed for small and medium-sized pharmacy and medicine stores  in Bangladesh.

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All-in-One Pharmacy POS Software

Managing day to day operations of your pharmacy involves query management, handling payments and outstanding payments, expenditure etc. These are detailed and repetitive tasks that need constant time and attention and can be quite an error prone. As a result, pharmacy software has become a popular solution for faster and efficient management.

Amar Bebsha Limited offers a complete online-based pharmacy POS software that can transform the way your retail pharmacy operates the business. Our software helps to automate the process and reduce manual paperwork.

Medical Store Software

Our POS software can be used in any type and size of a pharmacy or medicine store. It has several amazing features to enhance your daily operation like inventory, customer records, refund and return tracking, employee management, and much more. It helps to prepare documents like medicine’s records, invoices, financial statements, etc as well.

It requires a huge amount of time if these works are done manually. Moreover, the chances of error are also high. It enables do the day to day tasks in the least possible time and least amount of error.


Inventory Management

One of the amazing features of our software is real-time inventory management. It updates the stock information based on transactions. Thus, you will know immediately if you have the medicine in stock that the customer requires.

No need to buy individual software for your multiple branches. You can use our reliable software to manage several branches simultaneously as well. There will be one central account that handles the data of all the branches.

We understand that software does not have a one-size-fits-all proposition. So, we offer to customize the software based on client’s need, budget, and time frame.

Cloud-based Pharmacy Management Software

Our system allows you to get real-time data that helps to control operating costs, ensure medication adherence, and improve customer service.  Moreover, it generates comprehensive reports of inventory, sales, profit & loss, and balance sheet. It assesses the performance of the pharmacy and helps the pharmacists to make better decisions.

Our software is a cloud-based system and you can use it from a PC or laptop using the internet. You can view the essential data and reports anytime through your smartphone. Get your offer now.



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