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Amar Bebsha offers all-in-one ERP software designed for small and medium-sized trading businesses in Bangladesh.
Trading business

The success of a trading business

The success of a trading business highly depends on how you manage your business process and keep track of your business strategies and performance in real-time. Manage your wholesale and distribution business process easily with the innovative, easy-to-use Enterprise Resource Planning software solution and stay competitive.

All-in-One ERP Software System

Amar Bebsha Limited offers all-in-one ERP software designed for small and medium-sized trading businesses in Bangladesh. Our ERP software system gives you in-depth reporting and information visibility, to enhance the performance of their key business processes and make data-driven decisions.

Our trading ERP is suitable to use across a wide range of industries such as tiles and ceramic, rod and cement, motorcycle showroom, retail shop, etc.


ERP software system

Our Trading ERP software to manage all functional activities of trading business including purchase, inventory management, sales, accounting, stock transfers, billing and collections, human resource, financials, etc.

Our ERP offers an easy reporting module to help you make better decisions for your trading business. You can see various auto generated reports year, month, and even day-wise.

Business processes

ERP software system

It is a cloud-based system that allows to track the workflow of various departments and get complete visibility into the all-important process. it can be accessed anywhere from a PC or Laptop. You can even access the software from your smartphone and view all necessary reports.

It streamlines the whole operations and reduces unwanted expenses. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface with a customizable dashboard that makes our ERP quite a popular choice.


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Importance of Trading ERP software for your firm:​

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