Best Online-Based Rod & Cement ERP Software in Bangladesh

Amar Bebsha Limited offers best ERP software designed for small and medium-sized rod and cement trading businesses in Bangladesh.

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Rod & Cement Software

Amar Bebsha Limited offers ERP software for all kinds of rod and cement dealers and distributor of Bangladesh. It has been developed according to the distinctive needs of this industry. 

One of the great benefit of using ERP is that it automates and streamlines the business process. The need for manual paperwork decreases. Hence operation efficiency increases and improves the profitability of business.

All-in-One ERP Software System

The modules of our ERP software include inventory management, accounts, human resource management, etc. According to the need of the customers modules can be customized to fulfill the exact requirement.

From managing sales of products to managing inventory levels, our ERP software let you manage the firm’s operation easily. You can easily find out information about outstanding customer payments, low inventory level, amount of cash at the bank, and much more.


Best Inventory Management System

Our software helps to ensure a hassle-free supply chain, and monitor the inventory level for a smoother operational flow. It provides the best business solutions that result in increased productivity, lower operational prices, and a better return on investment. Therefore, it can get a competitive edge over its competitors. The management can also provide better decision making because of integrated data and reports from all departments.

Online based Solution

It has a comprehensive reporting module that generates easy to view reports. It can generate reports of inventory, operations, sales, profit & loss and balance sheet to know the overall performance of the business. Reports can be generated daily, weekly, monthly basis or custom time frame.

It is a cloud-based software and you can manage it anywhere through the internet. It has a user-friendly interface and anyone can use it easily. Our support team is always available to facilitate your software operation experience with extensive support.


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