Best Cloud-based Travel Agency ERP Software in Bangladesh

Amar Bebsha offers the best cloud-based Travel Agency ERP Software designed for small and medium-sized travel agency businesses in Bangladesh.

Help to Grow & Manage Your Business

All-in-One ERP Software System

Are you looking for cost-effective ways of managing sales and operations for your travel agency?

In Bangladesh, the number of travel agencies is increasing day by day. Get a competitive advantage and remain a strong part of today’s travel industry by implementing travel agency ERP.

Amar Bebsha Limited offers all in one Travel ERP System for small to medium size travel agencies that help to automate the daily operations and easily manage your business from anywhere, on any device. 

Travel Agency Management Software

It helps to manage online booking inventory, accounts, sales, customer information etc. You are able to controls and manage all the branches of your travel agency.  Travel ERP solutions are one of the important feature is to manage customers and their booking records within the system.

Our software helps you record and maintain information of customers, vendors, and agencies within one system. You can also easily manage your tickets, visa, medical information hassle-free.


Centralized Database

It’s important that business owner has knowledge about his/her business activities. The central database system of the software allows the owner and management to access all the business information anywhere and anytime. They can get real-time information about payment history, outstanding payments from customers, monthly tickets sold, and much more. The users are assured they get up-to-date and accurate information, which is often not the case in manual recording methods.

Real-time Reporting

Our HRM Module allows managing the complete HR system of a business. It can help to record and manage the employee information such as their personal details, salary, attendance, leave etc easily.

It offers advanced reports and analytics on the business activities, including bookings, expenditure, commissions, sales, revenues etc to see the overall performance of the company. You can also see and analyze business insights and take decisions to make your business more profitable.

Travel agency software can help you manage various aspects of your agency anywhere, anytime.


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Importance of Travel Agency ERP software for your firm:​

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