5 Major Reasons to Invest in School Management Software in Bangladesh

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Over the years, it has become very crucial for schools, colleges, or any educational institute to get automated and invest in the school management system to operate effortlessly. It can help to automate the management process of organization and improves service quality.

Amar Bebsha Limited offers complete cloud-based school management software in Bangladesh It helps the administrators and teachers to perform their daily activities more smoothly through a centralized platform. The students as well as their parents can access the data management software with their limited access control.

Our Online School Management Software modules include:

  • Attendance
  • Student Information
  • Accounts
  • Leave
  • Admission Management
  • Human Resource
  • Fees Management
  • Exams
  • Library
  • Study Materials
  • Dashboard
  • SMS Module
  • Reports
  • User Management etc.

Here are five major reasons why it is important to invest in Online Management System for school:

  1. Increases Productivity and Save Time: The school management system helps to keep proper records data of the students, teachers, admission, and overall school management into the centralized system. It reduces the need for manual paperwork and requires less time also to record data. It leads to increased accuracy in organizing the data reduces the possibility of errors. Hence, the system helps to improve the productivity of the institute.
  2. Higher security: Amar Bebsha Limited ensures high security of the data that will be stored in the centralized system. It offers the user access to students, staff members, teachers, and parents according to the access permission level. The information remains absolutely safe and confidential with no access to unauthorized users.
  3. Efficient Staff Management: The school erp software keeps track of the information of teachers and staff including attendance, leaves, performance, and salary calculation easily. It helps the human resource management department to improve workflow. They can have more time to focus on improving staff performance, ensuring teacher’s welfare, and develop better hiring decisions.
  4. Centralized Management System: Our school management system is a cloud-based centralized system and can be accessed on devices like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones etc. from anywhere at any time. The teachers can record students’ information and performance in the all-in-one system. Due to the centralized system, the parents can keep track of tuition fees and can check student’s grades and attendance all from the same place in real-time. Since all the data are stored on the cloud-based system. In case of loss of hardware, there is no loss of data. It is a very important benefit for any school or education institute.
  5. Reporting & Analytics: The web based management system allows the administrator of that organization to use powerful real-time reporting tools. It helps to keep track and measure the performance of the staff, teachers, students, and overall school across a multitude of metrics. For instance, it tracks the total income and expense of the school, number of admission enrollments, teachers with the most absenteeism, students who are late, and much more. It, therefore, identify the potential issues and provide great insight to improve the school profitability and service quality.


It is important to implement a school management system because of its various benefits and features. If you are looking for a system that can fit your school’s operations well, please contact us and to see how the best online School Management Software works.

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