Tips and Tricks for SEM and SEO

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SEM is initials of “Search Engine Marketing”, refers to the campaigns of paid ads in search engines such as Google Ads. These Ads are usually displayed at the top of website pages and in the right column. Incorporating these type of Ads comes at a cost, but with a results. SEM is measurable, since Google Ads generate reports with all the details for the evolution of the campaign with real time tracking. PPC – Pay Per Click allows the brand to only pay if they get the results as they are looking for. They can control the maximum daily budget as they want to invest for marketing and the maximum CPC – Cost Per Click willing to pay. Specifically, “PPC” and “CPC” are the methods that the advertiser only pays if the user clicks on their ad.

SEM has a variety of marketing types or strategy required to enhance a exposure of any website on search engines so that it will improve visitors. PPC, SEO, Incoming Link Campaign, Ongoing Website Content Update, One Time Content Update etc. all are included in Search Engine Marketing – SEM.

SEO is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing techniques used to collective content and increase your business’ visibility. Placing your site higher on the results page will increase your site’s exposure, as higher rankings result in larger impressions. People familiar with your brand may be searching for the same keywords that you are already ranking for. Without using SEO as part of your marketing strategy, reaching users outside of your loyal customer base becomes much more difficult. SEO is full of tools, but even for seasoned professionals, knowing which tools to use in which situation is a minefield. Our SEO services include comprehensive keyword research, audits, on- and off-page optimization, content optimization and more. We focus on getting quality leads and traffic and increasing conversions for your business.  Using Google Analytics, Google Search Console (GSC) and Webmaster Tools gives different ideas to improve the website, ensures understanding of Google for the website contents, traffic for which quarries, associated spam issues and using an SEO Analyzer to get started with actionable recommendations.

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