Understanding the latest algorithm updates of Facebook and Google Ads

Understanding the latest algorithm updates of Facebook and Google Ads
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To organize all of the information on internet, Google uses advanced AI machine learning to determine search intent by users. This process can detect traffic to the best website for the first time and every time. Historically, every after three months or so, Google announces a big update or changes in algorithm; these are known as “Core Updates”. And most of which Google doesn’t announce publicly. These kinds of updates will put a very strong focus on quality of web contents based on AI machine learning and secure interactions from the traffic.

As per the updates and authoritativeness by Google – the most deserving web contents will help always to rank highest. To rank highest in Google, the web content should provide value when compared to other web pages about the subject.

As same as Google, Facebook also do few changes in their algorithm after every certain period. It controls how organic content is ranked and its subsequent reaching potential. Facebook is ultimately focused on promoting high-quality, engaging contents that bring users back to the platform, promoting content that induces real emotions and meaningful reactions. Facebook algorithm allows creating a better understanding of the types of content more likely to engage with users.

The new structure to Facebook’s algorithm may not seem like it’s in favor to businesses but the positive responses to all post contents may exactly the opposite. Comments and reactions are particularly powerful for any content or post on Facebook the algorithm will recognize these posts for treating it as high quality. It can be considered the process similarly to a Google search. Facebook can help to promote the business to local customers by creating a connection in real time.

Moreover, search engines whether it’s Google or Facebook do not understand and read content like humans, instead following the algorithm. If the contents or posts of any business has something to say, listens to its followers and provides a bit of personality that keeps customers engaged, system will help the business thrive online!

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