Why do you need a Fleet Management System?

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By Jawad Ahmed

Fleet Management System is the most recent management code for managing large fleets of vehicles. This approach examines every detail of your car. It’s a web-based application that helps bus, car, taxi, cargo van, and truck operators manage their daily workflow and performance. It’s an online and offline application that can be launched anywhere, thanks to PHP and the CodeIgniter framework with MySQL. It may be run from anywhere in the globe, using a username and valid identity. One or more operators will utilize this vehicle management system simultaneously from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of fleet Management System:

Improved Record-Keeping: A vehicle/fleet management system keeps track of all critical functions and everyday operations, such as vehicle type, vehicle fitness, document validity date, and insurance policy, among other things. It also maintains track of driver and assistant information to monitor and enhance their efficiency. It also keeps track of trip and fleet operating records. A vehicle management system gives you the ideal possibility to retain your company’s lifetime detail.
Fuel Corruption and Costs are reduced: From A to Z, the vehicle/fleet management system records all vehicle performance, team member performance, inventory expenditure, maintainers & maintenance expense, and so on. As a consequence, it can help to minimize corruption and costs.
Increasing Productivity and Improving Customer Care:
By implementing a comprehensive automated tracking and management system, such as a vehicle management system, you can boost productivity while ensuring the greatest possible customer service.
Improving Employee Efficiency: Because it offers an integrated system for tracking and evaluating team member performance, you can reward your greatest employee while equipping your worst employee. So, if you have an automation system, you have a mechanism for increasing the efficiency of your employees.
Breakdown Recovery and Safety: The vehicle management system has become the safest storage of all vital data and can recover any remote information to make managerial decisions.
Managing All Company Records at a Glance: This is the solution for centralizing all of your data on a single server. Manage all of your company’s activities in one location and have access to the whole organization at your fingertips.
Inventory Management Easily: Vehicle/fleet management employs an integrated system to track and manage all critical assets while maximizing profits.

Feature List of fleet management system:

Employee Management

  • Manage Employee
  • Position
  • Department
  • Manage Driver
  • Manage License
  • Driver Performance
  • Manage Requisition Approval

Fleet Management

  • Manage Vehicles
  • Insurance Details
  • Manage Legal Documents
  • Reminder Details

Vehicle Requisition

  • Manage Vehicle Requisition
  • Vehicle Route Details
  • Manage Approval Authority
  • Pick & Drop Requisition


  • Maintenance Requisition
  • Manage Approval Authority
  • Maintenance Service

Cost & Inventory

  • Expense Types
  • Manage Parts
  • Category
  • Location
  • Stock Management

Purchase & Usage

  • Add Purchase
  • Manage Purchase
  • Add Parts Usage
  • Manage Parts Usage

Refueling System

  • Refuel Settings
  • Manage Fuel Station
  • Refuel Requisition
  • Manage Approval Authority

Reports System

  • Employee Report
  • Driver Report
  • Vehicle Report
  • Vehicle Requisition
  • Renewal Reports
  • Pick & Drop Requisition List
  • Refuel Requisition Details
  • Purchase Details
  • Expense Details
  • Maintenance Requisition Details

Settings Management

  • Manage Company
  • Manage Recurring Period
  • Notification
  • Document Types
  • Requisition Purposes
  • RTA Office Details
  • Manage Ownership
  • Division List
  • Requisition Purpose
  • Requisition type
  • Priority List
  • Service Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Trip Type Details

Because you have a responsibility to keep your workers safe and provide a lifetime of services to the service receiver, which brings value to the company, the starting phase in protecting any team is to pay attention to upkeep. To ensure the most effective service, a well-maintained fleet Management System is required.

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